Nightfalls was a project somewhat born out of frustration and photographic boredom. By any measure, I am lucky enough to live in a visually stunning part of the world. Within a short distance, I have the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest, Atherton Tablelands and, to the West 'Real Outback Australia'. For anyone even remotely interested in photography, the region definitely offers some great photo opportunities.

I have been fortunate enough to travel to, and photograph some of the most famous cities in the world. Paris, Dublin, London, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Tokyo among others. Whenever I have returned, I find myself slightly depressed and uninspired photographically speaking when I return to back to everyday life. I see tourists wandering around in awe at what is in my backyard. I struggle to find inspiration in what I see everyday. The flipside, is of course I now understand the quizzical looks I have received when photographing such 'mundane' and everyday sights in Paris, London or Tokyo. So Nightfalls was born. There is nothing ground breaking or for that matter new in the techniques I used in making these images. Just a need to see something different in the 'mundane'

I have always gravitated to night photography. Partly that's just who I am, I am quite happy alone and exploring. I have always enjoyed the fact that mundane places can be very different, even spectacular when viewed through the filter of the darkness. I have also always enjoyed landscape photography, and with the arrival of the 'wet season' it was time to combine these two. For this series of images I decided to photograph many of the waterfalls in the region in a way not often witnessed. At night.