Making it work

Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but also incredibly demanding. As a Cairns photographer I understand that I work in one of the most over saturated fields possible where "Professionals" are literally falling over themselves to get jobs for as little as $50...

It is always nice to be appreciated for the skill, experience and professional business practice that you bring to the table when quoting on work. It is also great to receive support from other local businesses who value the work of an Accredited Professional Photographer. They know that a true professional will deliver...No matter what, no excuses!

So in the spirit of supporting local professionals. Head over to McLeods Painting. They are a new start up in Cairns. They are locals and true professionals. If you need some painting done give them a call or ask the kid next door to paint your house for $50....I know which one I would choose!

Screenshot-2017-11-15 Cairns Painters McLeod's Painting.png