My mind is back in Paris...

Earlier this year I had the great experience of travelling to Europe. I visited Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Turkey and France. I was away for about five weeks. I really enjoyed everywhere I travelled but as a photographer, France and Paris has very special memories for me.

Paris and Parisians are sometimes (unfairly in my opinion), portrayed as rude or arrogant to visitors to their city. My experience was the polar opposite. I found Parisians to be friendly, helpful and rightly proud of their great city.

So today I woke in Australia to hear of the latest attacks in Paris. There is little that I can do here in Australia to help. I feel a connection to Paris that I don't have with any other city in the world. My thoughts are with the French and the Parisians I met whilst in Paris. To the taxi driver who taught me to say the address of my hotel in French so I could get back at 2am after photographing the Musee du Louvre, to the French Moroccan souvenir seller at the Eiffel Tower who I shared a cigarette with and gave me an Eiffel Tower keyring.

"Je suis avec vous"...In my mind I see you tut tutting at my choice of words and pronunciation.

The Secret Joy of Night Photography...

The Musee du Louvre in Paris at midnight

Understanding what a photographer likes to photograph, is one way to understand the person behind the lens a little better.  So here I am in Paris, the 'city of lovers' myself. It is nearly midnight and I am at one of the most iconic places in Paris...the Musee du Louvre. I am also thoroughly enjoying myself. Possibly more than the tourist throngs that only ever see a place like this as it is surrounded by thousands of other people gawking and twittering like birds on the fly.