AIPP Accreditation Complete


A little over two years ago, I set myself a personal goal of becoming an Accredited Professional Photographer. I can now proudly display the logo as an APP. I have learned many new skills along the way, especially new business skills, so I can better serve my future clients.

Celebrated Master Photographer and AIPP Ambassador Nick Ghionis adds,

“Advancements in cameras and shooting techniques over the years have essentially meant that anyone looking to set up as a working photographer could do so very easily. Sadly as a result, many clients have been burned by poor quality work or bad business practice, because they have had no official standards to look for in advance. Certification changes this. Finally we are a recognised profession and the AIPP logo can stand up as a measure of quality and business practice that the public can trust. I’m hugely supportive of the AIPP’s work in the industry and proud that this development helps to raise our profile further."


The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is Australia’s leading industry body for professional image makers, and is the only body in the country that offers a formally recognised Accreditation process in order to become an Accredited Member. The group works year round as advocates for the industry to improve the standard of the profession and offers members a range of benefits including development workshops and events, industry publications, business listing services, and ‘peer review’ Once accredited, members can also use AIPP visuals to demonstrate that they have been assessed to a professional standard and abide by a published Code of Professional Practice.

Get Ready to Rumble...Townsville V8's

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Townsville V8's this year and to do so in the air-conditioned Coopers Brewery corporate box directly above pit lane! I didn't specificaly go for photography so I took it a little easier than usual and took the opportunity to be a "tourist"...Although I am a Cairns photographer, I spent a large chunk of my life in Townsville, so it was also good to catch up with family. 

Interview with Fujifilm

I was recently asked by Fujifilm Australia to give some thoughts on shooting with Fujifilm equipment. The interview also discusses some of my photography and thoughts on photography. I am super excited about this interview. Being a Cairns Photographer can be difficult to see your work gain exposure outside of the local area. Have a read here

Dfine has new wheels!

Being a Cairns Photographer isn't always easy on a motorbike!

Being a Cairns Photographer isn't always easy on a motorbike!

So being a Cairns photographer when your only transport is a motorbike isn't always easy! This is very obvious when the wet season comes calling...So after 22 years as a motorbike rider, I have finally relented and got a 'cage'...

Oh!, the bike is still with me, it just shares a garage now with 'Fifi La Belle' the cheeky little French Renault. Jealousy has been kept to a minimum, with the understanding that this is a work car, and the bike comes first in all other respects...

This little car is definitely making carting all the gear around just a little easier, she will be off to the sign writers soon for a little extra bling...

For a good cause...

pool hair flick

A friend recently decided to donate her hair to the The Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program. you can read for yourself what this is all about here. The program generates awareness about alopecia areata as well as grant wigs for children with all strains of the condition. So before all that hair gets the chop, she decided to get a few photos done to celebrate losing her hair! 

What's a guy to do...

So Christmas rolls around like it usually does on the 25th of December...I am working the days either side and due to logistics and distance, I am unable to make it home Christmas Day. So when the opportunity to pull the camera out and do a portrait session popped up. What's a guy supposed to do? So now the Christmas/New Year is all over. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and here is to an even better 2016!

Look Out! ....There are thieves about!

I haven't had the heart breaking experience (knock on wood!) of finding out that any of my gear has been stolen. However, every day around the world this is an all to familiar experience for photographers. It is all to easy to get immersed in what you are shooting and that is all that is needed for a thief to strike!

I highly recommend a service called Lenstag. Now, Lenstag won't stop your gear getting stolen. It may just help you recover your gear though. If you head on over to their website, you will see examples of how this service has helped recover stolen gear. The more people who use Lenstag, the more powerful a deterrent to camera theft. So what are you waiting for?

First shot from my new project

Joanne Heming also known as "BLCK BIRD" is a Cairns singer/songwriter 

Joanne Heming also known as "BLCK BIRD" is a Cairns singer/songwriter 

So the first shot is done in a personal project of mine that is documenting local musicians. Featured here is Joanne Heming a.k.a "BLCK BIRD" as Molly used to say "Do yourself a favour!" and check her out here

Northern Ireland...Have whistle, will travel


It is 8 o'clock at night and still light at the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. A local lad is sitting and playing the Tin Whistle. Photographers live for these candid moments!