Print your photos!

We, as a society produce more photographs than ever before. This year, it is estimated that billions of humans armed with smartphones will take some 1.2 trillion pictures. Many of them will be shared on social media, but more will simply be forgotten. Hardly any will make the transition into the physical world, becoming blots of ink that magically form into an image on a piece of paper, canvas, wood, or metal — a print.

The reasons for this are very understandable and there’s no point fighting progress, but nor should we ignore the value of a print. We may no longer print every photo but this can actually be a good thing for printing. It is now about quality rather than quantity, and the pictures we choose to print deserve the best treatment. Honestly, there has never been a better time to print than now. 

Rather than bemoan the decline in quantity of photos printed, let’s celebrate the fact that digital has given us new technology and new avenues for producing high quality prints. We have the tools today to make better prints than ever before. Printing for archival reasons is a logical thing to do, but the real reason you should start printing is emotional. When done correctly, seeing a high quality print of an image that means something to you is completely intangible. There is just something about holding a finished print in your hands that is infinitely more satisfying than seeing your photo on a screen.


Making the most of being on location

Photo: Tella Photography   website:

Photo: Tella Photography   website:

One of the fundamental tenets of being a Professional Photographer is continuing the journey of the craft through on going education. Photography is an ever changing industry and keeping on top of things is a mandatory requirement for members of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Continuing education can take on many forms: Gear, techniques and business education are just a few things Professional Photographers must keep up to date with to keep an informed and competitive edge.

Last month I travelled to my old stomping grounds of Townsvile to attend a workshop with the amazing Damian Cagnlia, you can see Damian's work here.

The workshop was amazing and was great to meet fellow North queensland members of the A.I.P.P. 

unnamed.jpgCairns professional photographer

"Nightfalls" Commended in 2017 Photographer of the Year (Professional)

I am not really one to enter competitions to be honest. I am a little cynical of the process and know people who shoot specifically for competitions. I had completely forgotten I had entered one of my photographs from the "Nightfall" series on a whim several months ago. I was pleasently surprised when this image received a commendation in the Professional Photography category.


Return to Japan

Well it is that time of year and, I am heading back to a place I have very fond memories of. Japan! Land of the Rising Sun...This is a pleasure trip this time so I am traveling very light photographically speaking for me. My partner is traveling with me so it is a little unfair of me to expect her to go through the sometimes hours of shooting that I would normally do.

So this trip I will be mainly just grabbing bits and pieces of video on my phone as we travel Japan together...



Making it work

Running your own business can be incredibly rewarding, but also incredibly demanding. As a Cairns photographer I understand that I work in one of the most over saturated fields possible where "Professionals" are literally falling over themselves to get jobs for as little as $50...

It is always nice to be appreciated for the skill, experience and professional business practice that you bring to the table when quoting on work. It is also great to receive support from other local businesses who value the work of an Accredited Professional Photographer. They know that a true professional will deliver...No matter what, no excuses!

So in the spirit of supporting local professionals. Head over to McLeods Painting. They are a new start up in Cairns. They are locals and true professionals. If you need some painting done give them a call or ask the kid next door to paint your house for $50....I know which one I would choose!

Screenshot-2017-11-15 Cairns Painters McLeod's Painting.png

AIPP Accreditation Complete


A little over two years ago, I set myself a personal goal of becoming an Accredited Professional Photographer. I can now proudly display the logo as an APP. I have learned many new skills along the way, especially new business skills, so I can better serve my future clients.

Celebrated Master Photographer and AIPP Ambassador Nick Ghionis adds,

“Advancements in cameras and shooting techniques over the years have essentially meant that anyone looking to set up as a working photographer could do so very easily. Sadly as a result, many clients have been burned by poor quality work or bad business practice, because they have had no official standards to look for in advance. Certification changes this. Finally we are a recognised profession and the AIPP logo can stand up as a measure of quality and business practice that the public can trust. I’m hugely supportive of the AIPP’s work in the industry and proud that this development helps to raise our profile further."


The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is Australia’s leading industry body for professional image makers, and is the only body in the country that offers a formally recognised Accreditation process in order to become an Accredited Member. The group works year round as advocates for the industry to improve the standard of the profession and offers members a range of benefits including development workshops and events, industry publications, business listing services, and ‘peer review’ Once accredited, members can also use AIPP visuals to demonstrate that they have been assessed to a professional standard and abide by a published Code of Professional Practice.

Some great advice...Some from yours truly!

Through a Photographer’s Eye: 10 Photographers Share Their Advice


Over the last 10 weeks you would have seen ten interviews forming series two of Through a Photographer’s Eye. In each interview, we heard from a handful of Australian photographers and how they use Fujifilm X Series cameras to photograph the world around them.

Before Series Three of Through a Photographer’s Eye begins next week, let us take a look back at what advice was shared when each photographer was asked the question:

If you have some advice for someone starting out in photography what would it be?


jared morgan photographer

Interview with Fujifilm

I was recently asked by Fujifilm Australia to give some thoughts on shooting with Fujifilm equipment. The interview also discusses some of my photography and thoughts on photography. I am super excited about this interview. Being a Cairns Photographer can be difficult to see your work gain exposure outside of the local area. Have a read here

Vroom Vroom!

So this here is a mighty little car I was lucky enough to photograph today! This is actually the first time I have been asked to do vehicle photography. I suppose when you are a Cairns photographer you never know what will come your way. I was also very lucky to go for a bit of a 'Fang' in this little blue beast. I know if I owned one my licence wouldn't last long at all!!!

Aaron Final-Edit copy.jpg

Dfine has new wheels!

Being a Cairns Photographer isn't always easy on a motorbike!

Being a Cairns Photographer isn't always easy on a motorbike!

So being a Cairns photographer when your only transport is a motorbike isn't always easy! This is very obvious when the wet season comes calling...So after 22 years as a motorbike rider, I have finally relented and got a 'cage'...

Oh!, the bike is still with me, it just shares a garage now with 'Fifi La Belle' the cheeky little French Renault. Jealousy has been kept to a minimum, with the understanding that this is a work car, and the bike comes first in all other respects...

This little car is definitely making carting all the gear around just a little easier, she will be off to the sign writers soon for a little extra bling...

Through A Photographers Eye (Fujifilm Global)


Well let's just say I am a happy little camper...I have been selected as one of the featured photographers in the 2nd series of "Through a photographers eye"  published on the Fujifilm Global website. It will be published in about three months and will include an interview with me on Fuji equipment, my photography and some thoughts on photography.

Working with difficult models...

No not really. This is my Mums cat stylin' it up for the camera at Christmas time. I had just recently got the Fuji 56mm f1.2 and hadn't really had a chance to play with the lens. I understand why people rave about this lens, even when just taking photos of cats (welcome to the internet) Looking forward to using this lens more in the coming weeks.

Cairns Bhutanese Community Fashion Show

Had the fantastic opportunity and experience today of photographing the Cairns Bhutanese Community fashion show. The traditional dress on display was really a sight to see. The most amazing colours and designs were on show!

Thanks to the Cairns Bhutanese Community for asking me to photograph this show. Some of the most genuinely welcoming and friendly people around! Not to mention the amazing food! Thanks once again for the hospitality!


What's a guy to do...

So Christmas rolls around like it usually does on the 25th of December...I am working the days either side and due to logistics and distance, I am unable to make it home Christmas Day. So when the opportunity to pull the camera out and do a portrait session popped up. What's a guy supposed to do? So now the Christmas/New Year is all over. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and here is to an even better 2016!

Idol hands...

I have always been a bit of an insomniac. Night time is when my mind becomes active, a little over active sometimes. This may go some of the way to explain my love of night photography I think. I am certainly no Freud. However, I think the link is fairly obvious...

Last night, I was tossing and turning in bed, and decided to go for a ride and find a location to do something I have never tried. I had seen photographs of 'steel wool' spinning before and secretly liked the look achieved. But, the 'inner douche photographer' would always murmur in my ear about 'cliche' photography and my doubts would stop me having a go...but not last night.

After finding a suitable location, and ensuring there were no fire hazards, crocodiles, orcs, or other undesirables...How much fun was had!!! I think I will be possibly doing this a lot more! This is totally addictive!!! I also have had a few ideas of combining some portrait photography into this technique....mmmm Come to think of it, I am not feeling very sleepy tonight!


My mind is back in Paris...

Earlier this year I had the great experience of travelling to Europe. I visited Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Turkey and France. I was away for about five weeks. I really enjoyed everywhere I travelled but as a photographer, France and Paris has very special memories for me.

Paris and Parisians are sometimes (unfairly in my opinion), portrayed as rude or arrogant to visitors to their city. My experience was the polar opposite. I found Parisians to be friendly, helpful and rightly proud of their great city.

So today I woke in Australia to hear of the latest attacks in Paris. There is little that I can do here in Australia to help. I feel a connection to Paris that I don't have with any other city in the world. My thoughts are with the French and the Parisians I met whilst in Paris. To the taxi driver who taught me to say the address of my hotel in French so I could get back at 2am after photographing the Musee du Louvre, to the French Moroccan souvenir seller at the Eiffel Tower who I shared a cigarette with and gave me an Eiffel Tower keyring.

"Je suis avec vous"...In my mind I see you tut tutting at my choice of words and pronunciation.