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So the New Year is here and as usual I start out both a little depressed and a little excited. Whenever I return from overseas, but especially after returning from my favourite place in the world to travel...Japan. I get a little depressed when I leave Japan, I miss the people, the food and just so many things that I love about traveling in Japan. I also get a little excited as I plan my next trip there...As I had said before, this was a true holiday for me, I probably took maybe 30 photographs tops! This trip was about being on holiday with my girlfriend and just enjoying that...

The one time I did get a little serious was when we went to Nagano then onto the famous 'Snow Monkeys'...How could I not take some photos there!?!


Niggling doubts...


In a few months I am off to Japan for a few weeks. This is purely a personal photography trip for me. So, I decided to try a lighter alternative in regards to camera gear for this trip. So I picked up the wonderful little retro Fuji XT-10 (Check it out here) also the 18-55 and the 55-200 lenses. I am still undecided on the 14mm Wide angle lens and might rent this lens for the trip.

I love night photography, especially when travelling. I have tried out the body and lens combo during the day. (I have been so busy this has been limited to shooting from my balcony whilst having a morning coffee) I am happy that during daylight, the Fuji XT-10 will produce fantastic image quality for the trip. But...

The deal breaker is this "Will the XT-10 perform at night and for long exposure photography?".
I had to head down to my local shopping centre the other night. This was the first opportunity I had to try out a night time long exposure. OK, OK so it's not the greatest location or subject but it gave me an idea on whether the XT-10 will cut it for the trip.

Short answer...Yes! I was more than happy with the quality and clean files that resulted. Pack your stuff Fuji. You'll be heading home soon!

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A camera for those that like cameras!

I have a fair amount of travel with a multi lens, fully fledged Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera under my belt. Those that have travelled with such a set up know some of the downsides. The anxiety as you try to make your carry on bag appear much lighter than the allowed weight, hoping they don't want to weigh your bag! Long days spent hauling many kilograms of lenses and various accessories as well as a tripod. (I ALWAYS travel with a tripod)

So in an effort to trim down my travel set up, I have decided to try the world of the mirrorless cameras. Specifically the Fuji XT-10. Although I am still getting to know this wonderful retro style little camera, I am impressed so far. I will regularly update with some samples and my thoughts on this system as time goes on. I have a trip planned for Japan in November. Will the Fuji be up to the challenge?...