Fields of Fire

I am very happy to have my "Fields of Fire" photograph included in the Leichhardt Community Calendar. Warren Entsch is the Federal Member for Leichhardt, and every year calls for submissions from local photographers to showcase the area. The calendar goes out to local businesses within the electorate.  I eagerly await a copy to see some of the great talent out there!

I am very happy to have my "Fields of Fire" photograph included in the Leichhardt Community Calendar. Warren Entsch is the Federal Member for Leichhardt, and every year calls for submissions from local photographers to showcase the area. The calendar goes out to local businesses within the electorate.

I eagerly await a copy to see some of the great talent out there!

fields of fire

A camera for those that like cameras!

I have a fair amount of travel with a multi lens, fully fledged Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera under my belt. Those that have travelled with such a set up know some of the downsides. The anxiety as you try to make your carry on bag appear much lighter than the allowed weight, hoping they don't want to weigh your bag! Long days spent hauling many kilograms of lenses and various accessories as well as a tripod. (I ALWAYS travel with a tripod)

So in an effort to trim down my travel set up, I have decided to try the world of the mirrorless cameras. Specifically the Fuji XT-10. Although I am still getting to know this wonderful retro style little camera, I am impressed so far. I will regularly update with some samples and my thoughts on this system as time goes on. I have a trip planned for Japan in November. Will the Fuji be up to the challenge?...

My all time favourite camera bag!

Camera bags are a very personal thing! What works for one photographer may not for the next. Messenger style bags work well for me, when I am travelling or getting around with my gear on the motorbike. There are several things that are important to me with my choice of camera bags.
these include:

1. Quality (Why pay all that money for something that falls apart at the worst moment)
2. Discreteness (I don't want to stand out as carrying lots of expensive gear!)
3. Functionality (It has to work as designed!)

So my bag for the last twelve months or so has been the Retrospective 7 by  Think Tank

The think Tank checks all these for me. I recently went to Europe and this bag was abused and used! I routinely was carrying FAR more than it was ever designed to and held up beautifully! I especially like the low key look of these bags and that they are not splattered with logos and clues as to their contents. Very handy as I do a lot of night shooting in the wee hours. I appreciated the fact I didn't look like a big target for thieves.

The quality and robustness of these bags has impressed me no end! I am actually going to buy another one to use as my bag when I am riding my motorcycle! No doubt it will see double duty as a camera bag as well, but these bags are just so impressive not to use all the time!

The layout and customisation is also very handy as I can lay out the bag depending on what I need for any particular job. I will let you head over to their website to see for yourself, but from me...Two big thumbs up!


Love the Sporties!


As a lifelong motorcyclist and current Harley owner, I was very happy to have a friends Sportster as a prop in a recent photo shoot. This is one of the lighting test shots before the model was placed into the scene. I love my sporty and we travelled around Australia together a few years ago, so I have a lot of history with my little bike and would never consider getting rid of her...Maybe she does need some company in the garage though hmmmm

For a good cause...

pool hair flick

A friend recently decided to donate her hair to the The Princess Charlotte Alopecia Program. you can read for yourself what this is all about here. The program generates awareness about alopecia areata as well as grant wigs for children with all strains of the condition. So before all that hair gets the chop, she decided to get a few photos done to celebrate losing her hair! 

What's a guy to do...

So Christmas rolls around like it usually does on the 25th of December...I am working the days either side and due to logistics and distance, I am unable to make it home Christmas Day. So when the opportunity to pull the camera out and do a portrait session popped up. What's a guy supposed to do? So now the Christmas/New Year is all over. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and here is to an even better 2016!

Idol hands...

I have always been a bit of an insomniac. Night time is when my mind becomes active, a little over active sometimes. This may go some of the way to explain my love of night photography I think. I am certainly no Freud. However, I think the link is fairly obvious...

Last night, I was tossing and turning in bed, and decided to go for a ride and find a location to do something I have never tried. I had seen photographs of 'steel wool' spinning before and secretly liked the look achieved. But, the 'inner douche photographer' would always murmur in my ear about 'cliche' photography and my doubts would stop me having a go...but not last night.

After finding a suitable location, and ensuring there were no fire hazards, crocodiles, orcs, or other undesirables...How much fun was had!!! I think I will be possibly doing this a lot more! This is totally addictive!!! I also have had a few ideas of combining some portrait photography into this technique....mmmm Come to think of it, I am not feeling very sleepy tonight!


My mind is back in Paris...

Earlier this year I had the great experience of travelling to Europe. I visited Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Turkey and France. I was away for about five weeks. I really enjoyed everywhere I travelled but as a photographer, France and Paris has very special memories for me.

Paris and Parisians are sometimes (unfairly in my opinion), portrayed as rude or arrogant to visitors to their city. My experience was the polar opposite. I found Parisians to be friendly, helpful and rightly proud of their great city.

So today I woke in Australia to hear of the latest attacks in Paris. There is little that I can do here in Australia to help. I feel a connection to Paris that I don't have with any other city in the world. My thoughts are with the French and the Parisians I met whilst in Paris. To the taxi driver who taught me to say the address of my hotel in French so I could get back at 2am after photographing the Musee du Louvre, to the French Moroccan souvenir seller at the Eiffel Tower who I shared a cigarette with and gave me an Eiffel Tower keyring.

"Je suis avec vous"...In my mind I see you tut tutting at my choice of words and pronunciation.

Look Out! ....There are thieves about!

I haven't had the heart breaking experience (knock on wood!) of finding out that any of my gear has been stolen. However, every day around the world this is an all to familiar experience for photographers. It is all to easy to get immersed in what you are shooting and that is all that is needed for a thief to strike!

I highly recommend a service called Lenstag. Now, Lenstag won't stop your gear getting stolen. It may just help you recover your gear though. If you head on over to their website, you will see examples of how this service has helped recover stolen gear. The more people who use Lenstag, the more powerful a deterrent to camera theft. So what are you waiting for?

Look in your own backyard

I can be as guilty as anyone in not getting out in the area I live and having a look around to see what's out there. I unexpectedly ended up with some spare time this week, so I loaded the bike and went for a ride up through the wonderful Tablelands and onto the town of Herberton.

I spent several hours at the Herberton Historical Village and honestly was surprised at just how good this little tucked away place is! So if you are like me and sometimes miss out on what's under our nose...Go for a wander around where you live. You never know what you might find!


First shot from my new project

Joanne Heming also known as "BLCK BIRD" is a Cairns singer/songwriter 

Joanne Heming also known as "BLCK BIRD" is a Cairns singer/songwriter 

So the first shot is done in a personal project of mine that is documenting local musicians. Featured here is Joanne Heming a.k.a "BLCK BIRD" as Molly used to say "Do yourself a favour!" and check her out here

Cats, Selfies and food pics!

So I will be the first to admit that I was wrong about Instagram. I knew the day would come when I would finally have to jump in and see for myself what was lurking on there. I expected thousands of photos of our favourite felines doing their thing, peoples latest cappuccinos and of course thousands and thousands of badly posed 'Duck Faces'! Whilst it is true there are all of these things, I have been amazed at some of the fantastic work from photographers all around the world that is on display!

So are you on Instagram? If not, have a look you just might be surprised at what you find...Oh and check me out on Instagram


The Secret Joy of Night Photography...

The Musee du Louvre in Paris at midnight

Understanding what a photographer likes to photograph, is one way to understand the person behind the lens a little better.  So here I am in Paris, the 'city of lovers' myself. It is nearly midnight and I am at one of the most iconic places in Paris...the Musee du Louvre. I am also thoroughly enjoying myself. Possibly more than the tourist throngs that only ever see a place like this as it is surrounded by thousands of other people gawking and twittering like birds on the fly.

Northern Ireland...Have whistle, will travel


It is 8 o'clock at night and still light at the Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. A local lad is sitting and playing the Tin Whistle. Photographers live for these candid moments!

A Year in Far North Queensland

Was surprised and very happy to have 3 of my photos displayed as part of the ABC (Far North) "A Year In Far North Queensland" - photographed by you. The diverse nature of the images give a great representation of our region that we are so lucky to live in. Have a look at some of the many talented photographers that are in the region.